A New Year: Time to Consider Entrepreneurship

Every New Year is a time for reflection – a time to review the past and a time to predict the future – a time  for assessment and a gateway to change. For many career change is the most important possibility to consider. Job stability is evaporating before our eyes. Inequity in the distribution of wealth in the western world  is returning to historical norms after a century of a growing and healthy middle class. So maybe this really is the time to consider becoming an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship has become a hot topic and it should be. Why? Well here are a few reasons to consider. Globalization is great for consumption, not so wonderful for non-competitive labour in developed countries especially North America. Technology has accelerated the rate of change inherent in globalization making change itself the one constant we can expect in our economic future. Rigidity, structure and the status quo are the antithesis of change. We must constantly engage in a process of creative destruction, tearing down the old to renew with new and different products and approaches. The lifespan of the status quo is already much shorter as the rate of change accelerates. Stability in one’s life will depend on resilience and adaptability.

The ability to create and manage your own career will be the most important skill you can learn.

We are well into a New Era of Entrepreneurship. Governments have recognized this and the battle for talent is underway. Universities and Colleges around the world are introducing programs searching for the best ways to define and teach entrepreneurship. Is it economics? Is it business? Is it philosophy? Can it be taught? Must it be experienced? Everyone is searching for the formula to produce disruptors. Why? We need them to help bring about change at every level: To dig into the corners and find all the advantages that exist by opening up the global economy; To dig in the corners and create jobs in the face of comparative disadvantages because they are problem solvers and will invest locally when Big Business will run away; To challenge the status quo to bring about changes in the behemoths we call international corporations and Government. Society needs disruptors so that creates opportunity.

But that’s not the reason to become one. Here are some personal reasons to take a long hard look at entrepreneurship: Independence; Upward mobility; Redefined security; Joie de vivre; Control and Satisfaction. Let’s face it in a 24/7 global world we are all taking risks and working long hours. Technology has us by the scrotum and is already squeezing. Why not take control of your career?

Maybe our business schools have been working from a flawed model, focused on turning out executives rather than entrepreneurs. That is changing. Too Big to Fail is really to Big to Succeed. Big Companies rely increasingly on acquisition and outsourcing for their flexibility. Will that be enough?

So as we approach 2014 there is much to consider. Entrepreneurship does not hold all the answers but it is moving into the forefront. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers at a time when we are generating new problems faster than ever before. Entrepreneurs act as a catalyst to stimulate the economy creating jobs out of chaos at a time when leadership is wallowing in a political quagmire.

A New Year and a New Era – Definitely much to consider – Happy 2014 to all



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