About the Author

334412f6-9046-11e3-8883-123139098a38-largeF. C. Dawkins is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Victoria College, holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Master’s Degree in Economics. He is a successful entrepreneur with achievements in manufacturing, retail, land development and import/export.

Business opportunities have allowed him to travel extensively around the world and build long term friendships and relationships in the process. Exposure to developing economies and alternative religions and principles, have had impact on his personal philosophy and outlook which is reflected in 2020 Hindsight. It is his fervent belief that we are on the verge of a new world order with western dominance waning in the process. It is a fascinating exercise to speculate on the near future, even in the extreme. Hopefully this glimpse into the future will entertain and stimulate all who take the time to explore the year 2020 as Dawkins has chosen to relate it.