Everyday Entrepreneur

every-day-entrepreneurEntrepreneurship retains a mystique as the holy grail of our free enterprise system. The dream of owning your own business remains elusive but captivating. In an era where big business, big government and big labour have all damaged the possibilities of independent success, the dream is very much alive. Too often, we dwell on the super success stories, narratives about the highest levels of entrepreneurial success achieved by public figures from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs. Few of us can achieve this kind of success. Yet many of us have some entrepreneurial qualities which we need to understand and build upon. “The Everyday Entrepreneur” is not a textbook. It takes the form of a story, to which most people can relate, providing an incidental learning experience, leaving all readers with a chance to move a few steps closer to achieving their own aspirations.

Tim has reached a stage in life where his career is stagnating. He has a good job with great benefits and security but something is missing. Recently he has developed a new piece of software, potentially the basis of his own business. Plagued by doubts about his ability, Tim has been floundering, unable to make a decision. When he arrives at the family cottage, his father tells him all about the recent success of his childhood friend Terry who soon steers him into a local class on entrepreneurship conducted by a mysterious character named Sam. The class includes two other would be entrepreneurs Grace, in her mid-thirties, and Mike who is twenty something. Mike is convinced that he is the definitive entrepreneur who just hasn’t found the right idea yet, while Grace is totally unsure of her plan. The story allows the reader to observe the twelve days of loosely structured seminars as Sam cleverly leads all three to decisions about their future. Throughout the narrative, qualities of an entrepreneur are brought out in subtle ways through discussion and a wide range of anecdotes. The lessons learned provide a solid foundation for those seeking a career as an entrepreneur.