Everyone Needs to Think Like an Entrepreneur!

The more I write and speak about entrepreneurship the more I realize how mainstream the topic has become. Whether you know it or not you and everyone else has to become more entrepreneurial in their thinking. We live in a fast paced global society that requires all of us to be resilient and adaptable. Those are the critical attributes that make us entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship applies to far more than business and business issues. We are talking about a mindset not a skillset. A mindset focused on solving problems. A mindset grounded in determination to make things happen. It’s about being proactive not reactive. Most important it is about self-determination!

In an extremely competitive global world, in the era of Big Data, we can never know enough and we will never understand much of what we know. We cannot have the answers but the answers will always be there for us to find. There is no time for prison thinking. If you think like an entrepreneur you will find the way and that’s just as true about your personal life as it is about your career. As for that part of your life, in the face of declining job stability and the entrenchment of wealth disparity, the most important skill you can learn today is the ability to create and manage your career. There is a very good reason that every college, every university and now even secondary schools are offering courses in entrepreneurship.

When I wrote my first book Everyday Entrepreneur I had the ambitious goal of doing for entrepreneurship what David Chilton did for financial planning with The Wealthy Barber – to write a book that applied to all of us in a form that everyone could read understand and enjoy. The jury is still out but the endorsements received are encouraging that I have come close. The second book in my entrepreneurial series Family Entrepreneur comes out later this month. Dealing with the dichotomy of family and business brings entrepreneurial thinking into both settings. Remember family was the first “crowd” and still offers funding and nurturing for many entrepreneurs in a startup situation.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to mentor and encourage would be entrepreneurs both in their business and private lives. It is really all about taking charge of your life in the midst of a roller coaster world. You have to learn to capitalize and enjoy the highs while defending against the lows. Entrepreneurial thinking is the tool to do it.

Fred Dawkins is a serial entrepreneur who is best known as one of the co-founders of the olde Hide House in Acton Ontario to which “it’s worth the drive”. He is a partner in The Creative Destruction Lab at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and is currently writing a series of books entitled The Entrepreneurial Edge published by Dundurn Press, which focuses on encouraging and preparing would be entrepreneurs for challenges in their careers and in their private lives.

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