Exciting Times for Entrepreneurship

June 5 2013

The new normal based on a competitive global economy will be a boon period for entrepreneurs. Too big to fail really means too big to survive. Our fast moving world requires flexibility and adaptability. Ironically business has created behemoths more in the nature of bureaucratic government than independent free enterprise. Executives far removed from operations are paid huge bonuses for just holding their positions. In the west structural unemployment issues have compounded the diverging economic fortunes of the rich and the rest.

Small business with it’s local emphasis is the key to job creation and solving the structural issues. Localization will be important within the context of globalization. The ability to create your own job will become critical for many. Government needs to focus on education, funding and equality issues to unleash the power of entrepreneurs to dig in the corners and find solutions to pressing economic issues.¬† So for entrepreneurs who make things happen your tools will increase and you will be in demand.

We live in interesting times!

Fred Dawkins @fred

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