Why Nirodha?

‘Nirodha’ derives from Sanskrit meaning ‘cessation’. It represents the complete cessation of all psycho mental activity; complete suppression of all samsaric conditionality; complete tranquility “on the edge of the world” without, however, “going over” to Nirvana. Nirodha is attained after passing through the four formless absorptions, but only an Arahant, one who is worthy or noble, can achieve Nirodha.”

Nirodha is one of the Four Noble Truths taught by the Buddha. Indeed it represents the last stage before achieving enlightenment and reaching Nirvana. It is the stage where all suffering ceases. Gerry Wallace chose this name for his haven because his greatest fear and, in his opinion, the greatest source of suffering in life, is death itself. Through his research, Dr. Wallace believes that he has defeated death, so by his definition fear and suffering have come to an end. Participants in ELP will be free of such burdens. They will literally remain on the edge of our world in a state never before achieved. Nirodha is the perfect name for the new Utopia founded on the premise of long extended life – or is it?