2020 Hindsight

Most of us share anxiety regarding death yet what if you could actually live forever? How would you cope with the stress and pressures of life extended indefinitely? None of us are totally self sufficient. We rely on the society around us – the rules – the services – the convenience and the structure. What would you do if governments failed us all?

What if the distribution system for essentials such as food, power and water collapsed? How would you live? These are the circumstances that prevail in “2020 Hindsight”. The Wallace family is spread across North America in very different conditions, varying from life in the midst of a dynamic new Utopia in Arizona to a rugged pioneer existence in Muskoka Canada. This is the story of their struggle to reunite in a world turned upside down. Gerry Wallace is a high profile medical researcher, a specialist in regenerative medicine who is the architect of the Extended Life Program (ELP). The story is a compelling tale of family estrangement as Gerry and other family members deal with unforeseen consequences of his discoveries, The story combines the extension of current trends in scientific research with a gripping account of a family fractured but determined to support one another.

Excerpt I:

As dusk approached, the first large snowflakes of the season drifted down onto the ominous dark waters of Lake Muskoka, reflecting the wintry gray sky. The cold was almost painful it was so damp, bitter, and raw; there was nothing like November weather to bring out one’s cynical characteristics, mud season at its gloomy worst, with winter on the horizon. Regardless, Tom loved to stare out over the surly waters and taste the power of nature in one of her most perverse moods. The brisk westerly winds brought accompanying white caps rolling over the dock, blowing the snowflakes into his face, as the winds howled through the trees. The crescendo of the waves breaking over the dock was comforting and peaceful; the natural elements made him feel alive and vigorous. Was vigorous an appropriate adjective for a seasoned survivor? Why not? He felt more than an acceptable level of vigour. The cold air forced life on him, which he welcomed with open arms.

Excerpt II:

The increase of desperate supplicants around the perimeter of the city was disturbing. No doubt, the Barries could tell him about the desperation. Were he on the outside, he would be willing to do anything to gain entrance. As he approached his apartment building, Gerry tried to shake off his doldrums. One last serious thought plagued him: had he helped establish a potential heaven on earth, or a virtual hell? Gerry wasn’t sure, but the dilemma was haunting him. With this disturbing thought, a distraught Gerry arrived at his apartment. His mood changed as he opened the door and noticed that someone had slid an envelope underneath the door. Written on the outside was: Matthew 7:15 – Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.