Seven Factors Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

June 10, 2013

Entrepreneurship has never been more important as the global economy picks up speed  Here are seven solid reasons why the definition of an entrepreneur is expanding beyond the superstar expectations that we revere.

1. Big: Too Big To Fail is simply too big

2. Small: Small business creates local jobs for those structurally unemployed

3. Mompreneurs: Women are starting more small businesses than men

4. Control: The ability to create your own job is critical as job stability has been redefined

5. Adaptability: The dominant factor in our world is change. Small business is flexible

6. Need: Seniors can’t retire. Youth cannot find jobs. Startups are the answer.

7. Talent: If we choose to unleash it, there is so much talent suppressed around the world

The scope of entrepreneurship is expanding as problem solvers committed to making things happen offer solutions to problems that policy makers, awash in political infighting, are ignoring.

Fred Dawkins

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