Ten Things Young Entrepreneurs Need to Know

This may well be the greatest era in which to be an Entrepreneur. A time when collective leadership is failing. A time when adaptability is critical. A time when large organizations are unwieldy and inflexible, belying the speed of change which is a dynamic of our lives. As a mentor I envy you the challenges and the opportunities. Here are ten things you should know and appreciate as you embark on an entrepreneurial career:

1. The most important skill to learn today is the ability to create your own job

2. The most dynamic, resilient team you will ever build may well be your first.

3. It can never be too early but you can leave it too late.

4. Youth makes you numb to risk that can cripple you when you are older

5. Live in a Quantum World where there are no limiting factors

6. Failure only happens when you give up. Learn from your mistakes but avoid failure.

7. Thrive on the chaos of your entrepreneurial startup. The excitement is unique and tangible. It may not happen again.

8. When you succeed mentor and nourish those just starting. You will not do it without help. Repay that debt.

9. Help foster entrepreneurship around the world. Too much talent is suppressed for reasons of race, gender, culture, education, location and more

10. There is no greater satisfaction than creating your own success but it is the process that we need not the project. Being an Entrepreneur is fulfilment of your talent and determination derived from how you go about it, not the reward.

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