Why Entrepreneurship is critical on a microeconomic level

Not long ago countries like Japan and Korea focused on a corporate policy based on loyalty. The concept was that employees stayed with a company for their working life. Companies nurtured this loyalty as a solid foundation to build on. North American companies flirted with this concept looking for ways to understand and replicate the quality assurance programs coming out of their Asian competitors. Enter globalization, the technology revolution and a rate of change that may be unsustainable for humans. In a blink job stability vanished.

Large companies by nature are slower to react than their smaller compatriots but large scale permanent lay-offs have become a fixture of the corporate world. International companies are making record profits pursuing low labour costs around the world while paying those at the top record bonuses. Add the increasing wealth gap and a shrinking middle class in the developed world to the equation and you reveal a growing underpaid work force plagued by uncertainty.

The result is that the most important skill you can develop today is the ability to create and manage your own career. The key to upward mobility is becoming entrepreneurial at any level. Technology is the greatest ally of the would be entrepreneur. It is less expensive to start a business today. Social networking provides an instant support group. Crowdfunding offers a potential source of funds. New careers are being created every year while traditional roles disappear. Entrepreneurs are the problem solvers that create these new opportunities.

The best news: after you’ve done this once; after you made the initial leap of faith and become an entrepreneur, you can and will repeat the process again and again. Change is the one constant we can expect in our lives going forward. Change is the antithesis of stability. Seniors are doing startups out of necessity. Youth are doing startups to get into the work force. Mompreneurs are dealing with the difficulty of re-entering the workforce by creating new careers that encompass their lifestyle needs.Every startup has a multiplier effect through job creation. So the answer for a secure future no longer lies with embracing a career with one strong entity. A secure future can best be secured through the ability to adapt and recreate yourself according to new circumstances. The essence of entrepreneurship is adaptability and resilience – the ability and determination to face new circumstances. We are entering a new era of entrepreneurship.

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